• The-Boulevard-Pub-Grill-Sterling.jpg
      The Boulevard Pub & Grill - Sterling, IL
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      Primitive Frills - Sterling, IL
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      Downie & Associates - Sterling, IL
    • Communication-Design-Sterling-Freeport-SVACC.jpg
      Communicaction & Design, Inc. - Freeport, IL
    • Woodys-Popcorn-Sterling-Illinois-SVACC.jpg
      Woody's Popcorn - Sterling, IL
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  • Welcome!

  • Whether you are visiting the area or are a Sauk Valley resident, we welcome you to our website!


    Our Mission: "To enhance the economic climate and the quality of life in the Sauk Valley Area." We believe in building communities by building relationships.

    The SVACC consists of over 350 members from all sectors of community- including business, education, agriculture, health care, private not for profits, faith communities, and government who are working to help the Sauk Valley Area continue to grow and thrive. Founded in 1912, we have a rich history in the Sauk Valley and represent over 24 cities in Illinois and Iowa.

    The SVACC works diligently for our members to provide opportunities and events for our members to connect and build relationships with other members and the Sauk Valley area as a whole. The Sauk Valley area is full of opportunities-employment, entertainment, education.


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