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About the Chamber

Founded in 1912, the Sauk Valley Area Chamber of Commerce is Northwest Illinois’ only Chamber receiving the distinct Certificate of Accreditation bestowed by the US Chamber of Commerce. The Sauk Valley Area Chamber of Commerce has a long tradition of working for our members and listening to our members’ needs. Our future continues on this path of excellence by creating a regional business organization, which works closely with our local development offices for the benefit of the Sauk Valley Region and our entire business community.

For over 100 years the SVACC has been dedicated to serving the communities that comprise the Sauk Valley area. We work to promote business and community prosperity through advocacy, networking and communication on behalf of and to our members, developing business and education partnerships, and promoting economic development.

  • Members represent nearly more than 13,424 employees in 30 cities in 12 Illinois counties and in Clinton and Davenport, IA.
  • Chamber members represent area agricultural interests, financial institutions, food service, health care, manufacturing, non-profit, restaurants, retailers, schools and more!
  • The majority of the Sauk Valley Area’s largest employers are involved in the Chamber.
  • Organization hosts nearly 20 or more networking opportunities with other business professionals throughout the year.
  • The Sauk Valley Area Chamber of Commerce received a 5-star accreditation rating from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The SVACC is governed by a 15 member Board of Directors representing all sectors of our community. We are also proud to be an organization that has a very active Ambassadors Committee as well as several other committees that plan and implement activities/events as well address specific community issues.


To enhance the economic climate & quality of life in the Sauk Valley Area.


  • To increase partnerships in the community to encourage businesses and organizations to work together for the advancement of each business.
  • To promote the awareness of each member of our business community and the services they provide.
  • To encourage more area business professionals to become involved in our organization to create a stronger business advocacy organization.
  • To look for innovative ways to promote area businesses to insure their long-term sustainability.

SVACC Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

The Sauk Valley Area Chamber of Commerce is committed to advancing the values and benefits or diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in the Sauk Valley. As an advocate of the business community, we strive to have an environment within our organization that fosters and encourages diversity, reflective of the makeup of our community.

We believe that each member of our community deserves every opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a strong economy and spirited quality of life.

We must create a welcoming environment for all people regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age or ability.

Through our initiatives, the SVACC aims to educate members and our community while building a strong business climate, and promoting economic inclusion and growth throughout the Sauk Valley.

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