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Marketing Opportunities


Opportunities are available to place your banner advertisement on our website.  Contact us for more information.


The electronic ad-blast program is a very useful tool that can help you gain access to more than 550 dedicated chamber-related emails.

To promote something business to business through our email blast you can do so for $25.  Every Monday the chamber sends out an electronic ad that contains anywhere from 1-5 separate ads.

Chamber members can now do an exclusive ad-blast on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday (your company will be the only one); however, it will cost $50.  If a non-member wants to do this, it would also be allowed at double the rate ($100).

The goal of our ad-blast program is to allow members to promote current business opportunities to other chamber members exclusively.  It’s like a personalized shop local program!  If you have a sale, promotion, open house or other event/activity in the near future, contact us today and learn how you can do an ad-blast to your fellow members.

In addition, if you purchase an ad-blast, the information will also be posted to the SVACC Facebook page as well.

Newsletter: Partnering for Success

The SVACC is an electronic newsletter that is sent out at the beginning of each month to all our chamber members and multiple email address of members - approximately 550 addresses.  Through tracking we find this newsletter has about a 40% open rate.

Partnering for Success Sponsorships

The rates to advertise in the newsletter are:

  • Business Card Ad = $30 per month  *  6-month commitment = $25 per month
  • Quarter Page Ad = $70 per month  *  6-month commitment = $60 per month
  • Half Page Ad = $90 per month  *  6-month commitment = $80 per month
  • Cover Banner Ads/Website Ad = $125 per month  *  6-month commitment = $100
  • Inserts = $100 per month; non-profits = $25 per month