• Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall

    The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall will be arriving in Rock Falls on Thursday, August 31, 2023, and will available for viewing 24 hours a day through September 4, 2023 at 8 am.

    The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall is a 3/5 scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in
    Washington, DC and stands 6 foot tall at the center, covers almost 300 feet from end to end, and has 58,272 names inscribed on its surface.

    The purpose of the wall is to help heal and rekindle friendships, and allow people the opportunity to honor loved ones who otherwise may not be able to make the trip to Washington. This event is designed to honor those who served in Vietnam, including POW/MIA Veterans.

    Along with the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall, replicas of the Memorials for 9/11 and the Iraq and
    Afghanistan wars will also be on display.

    The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall will be escorted into Rock Falls starting at approximately 10 am. The public is encouraged to line up along 1st Avenue in Rock Falls for the procession of the Wall. Veterans who would like to be in the procession are encouraged to contact Rock Falls Tourism for more details at 815-622-1106.

    Visitors may view the Wall at the RB&W District (201 East 2nd Street, Rock Falls) 24 hours a day beginning at approximately 2 pm on Thursday, August 31st through Monday, September 4th at 8 am.

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